How to deploy .wsp packages to your on-premise SharePoint environment

Deploy solutions using the included PowerShell script:

Included with all KWizCom zip packages is the SP-WSPsInstaller.ps1 script. This Powershell script automates the process of running the Add-SPSolution and Install-SPSolution commands. It will also check if another version of a product is already deployed and retract/remove the previous version of necessary.

1. Have the SP-WSPsInstaller.ps1 script in the same folder as any .wsp packages you intend to deploy in your environment.

2. Open a SharePoint Management Shell window as an administrator. Then navigate to the folder containing the installer script an execute it. Alternatively, you can browse to the folder containing the script and right click “run with PowerShell”.

3. The script will then deploy the .wsp packages in the same folder it is located in.

Manually deploy solutions using PowerShell

Alternatively, you can deploy the product without using the script by manually using PowerShell commands:

1. Open a SharePoint Management Shell window as an administrator

2. Run the command Add-SPSolution -LiteralPath c:\solution_name.wsp

3. Run the command Install-SPSolution -Identity solution_name -GACDeployment