Adding additional fields to the List Aggregator App using the search data source


How do I add additional fields to the list aggregator app when using the search data source?  I can only get the title field to show currently.


Before configuring the web part, you’ll need to make sure that your search properties have been configured so that the search service indexes the properties you want to display. To do this, start off by going to the admin center > SharePoint > search :


SharePoint comes with built-in placeholder properties that you can use to map to the columns you want to become searchable.  You will want to find an available property matching the type of data that you want to map your field to. As an example, for strings, you can use the RefinableString00, 01, 02 etc set of properties as they do not have anything mapped to them by default. Alternatively, you can create your own managed property and map a field to that as well.

In this example, we will use the RefinableString01 property to map a field called "searchparty"


Open the property then scroll down to the mappings to crawled properties setting and click “add a mapping”


Find the field name you want to have crawled and add that to the mapping. Usually the field name will be listed as ows_fieldname. Make sure that you are looking for the desired field's internal name rather than its display name.


You can also add an alias to the managed property in order to make it easier to remember the name of the property used when mapped property in other locations. In this case, we'll add the alias "searchparty" so that we do not have to type and remember "RefinableString01" as the property we are using.

After making any changes to the search schema, you will want to reindex your list or sites that contain information that you want to be searchable.

To do it at the list level, go to your list > list settings > advanced settings > reindex list


Alternatively, you can do it at the site level by going to site settings > search and offline availability > reindex site



Once you’ve done that, from here on out, you will want to use the property name (or the property alias if you have configured that) as the field name rather than the actual field name from the list. In this case, we’ll be using "searchparty” to find values stored in the “searchparty” field that I’ve created in my test lists.

To add fields to the search based aggregator web part, first you will need to add the fields to your to the “select columns” field. Then click the next button at the bottom of that settings page:


This will bring up a second page of settings where you can add the additional fields to be shown. You’ll want to click on the “add column info” button, select the field you want to have displayed, then click outside the dialog window in order to save that choice.


After you’ve done that, you need to click on the cog in the table menu to bring up the designer pane:




From here, you’ll want to add the fields to be displayed as well.


After doing all this, you should now be able to see your custom fields in the list aggregator search web part