When do notifications get sent out for a product expiration


When do notifications get sent out regarding a product's expiration?


Notifications are sent out to the email that has been entered into the "License Notification" field for each product. This setting can be found by going to your Central Administration > KWizCom Products License Management > "manage license" for the product you wish to receive notifications for. If there is an email entered into this field, a notification will be sent out when the product is nearing expiration or if it has already expired.


When deploying the KWizCom SharePoint Foundation solution, a timer job is created called the “KWizCom licensing status timer job” which handles the notifications being sent out when a product is about to expire. This timer job runs once a week by default but you are able to modify this by going to Central Administration > Monitoring > Review job definitions > KWizCom licensing timer job . The notifications are sent out 30 days prior to the products expiring and the emails are handled by the SharePoint email configuration.

If you do not want to receive notifications, you will need to ensure that the "License Notifications" field is empty.

If you aren’t receiving the notifications, you may need to confirm that your SharePoint outgoing email settings have been configured correctly.