Attempting to deploy KWizCom Foundation App to sub-site displays error message


1. Upload foundation app to app catalog on 0ffice 365 environment

2. Deploy foundation app to sub-site

3. The following error is displayed

The specified application identifier 17d05ed3-edf9-4316-aaba-f2b43f55fae2 is invalid or does not exist. TECHNICAL DETAILS Troubleshoot issues with Microsoft SharePoint Foundation.


 We recommend the following work around to manually trust the KWizCom foundation app if you cannot deploy it to a sub-site.

1. You need to visit your app catalog, and go to this page: App catalog site ... /_layouts/15/appregnew.aspx

Ex: appregnew.aspx

2. In this page you can specify the following fields manually:

Client ID and Client secrete: Please contact KWizCom support at to obtain the information for these fields.

Title: KWizCom Foundation App

App domain:

Redirected URL:


3. Then you should be able to add the KWizCom foundation app to any sub-site