Upgrade message appears after upgrading Kwizcom List Form Extension


After upgrading to Kwizcom List Form Extension feature version 2.1.50 or higher the following message appears on your SharePoint lists which use any of the features: It appears that you have settings that were created using an older version. In order for these settings to take effect, you will need to upgrade them first. To upgrade these rules please go to the product settings pages and follow the instructions there. Sorry for the inconvinence, for more help please contact our support@kwizcom.com


Uninstall your current version of Kwizcom List Form Extension feature. Install List Form Extension feature version 2.1.50 or higher. The upgrade message will appear above your SharePoint list which uses the List Form Extensions feature.


SharePoint 2007

Run the following utility on your SharePoint 2007 server (Read the readme.txt file before running the utility).

SharePoint 2010

Download latest KWizCom Foundation WSP and deploy it on your SharePoint 2010 farm.

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