FAQ: Which SharePoint 2010 and 2013 servers are identified as front-end servers by the KWizCom licensing mechanism?


In SharePoint 2010 and 2013, KWizCom offers a "Farm license" licensing model. When activating a KWizCom product in your SharePoint 2010 farm, you need to order a Farm license that will cover all existing front-end servers in the farm.

This article describes the process in which servers are identified by the KWizCom licensing software as front-end servers.


After you have activated your purchased KWizCom product, whenever a SharePoint page that includes that KWizCom product is loaded, a licensing validation process is executed. This validation process verifies that the actual amount of SharePoint front-end servers in your farm does not exceed the number included in your order.

Example: if you purchased a farm license that includes 2 front-end servers, and actually your farm includes 3 front-end servers, when you will try to use the KWizCom product, it'll show an error message and will not function.

The licensing validation process identifies the front-end servers in the farm, by looking for the "Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Web Application" service (As shown in the screenshot bellow).

If that service is activated (status=started) in the server, than that server is considered a front-end server.

Therefore, you should use the the check box selection option (KWizCom Foundation version 13.3.59 or later ) which allows you to select for which WFE server in the farm the KWizCom license will be applied.  If the user goes to any other server which does not have a license, they will see the "license exceeded..." message instead of the KWizCom tool.  You should use this option to apply your available licences to your WFE servers.  You can download the latest version of KWizCom Foundation here for SharePoint 2010 or 2013.

However if the message occur as a result of your server configuration (load balanced servers) we do not support it (meaning, if some users have error or expiration message, or if some timer jobs running on the servers that are not activated – it is up to you to fix and make sure all our code runs on our servers).

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