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Why can't I hide or show fields dynamically on a customized site?

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I've applied a custom master page to my site.  I've set up a form where I want to hide or show a field based on the value of another field but after setting up the rule, the form only seems to apply the permissions on page load and not when I toggle the values of the field in the condition.  Did I do something wrong?


KWizCom Forms uses Ajax to send requests to the server to update the way a form is rendered.  If you are using a custom master page, it may be the case that you have your master page may have the Ajax requests are being blocked for some reason.

One cause of this issue may be because the Ajax tags are being stored in the page's header rather than in the body.  The Ajax tags should be stored within the body - more specifically, between the form tags.  The below screenshot depicts a set of Ajax tags that have been inserted into the header tags which causes the Ajax requests to not respond correctly making it so that the page does not update the field visibility.

To fix this issue, the code referenced in the above screenshot has been moved into the body tags between the form tags.

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