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KWizCom’s SharePoint apps’ fast-ring environment


KWizCom’s SharePoint apps’ fast-ring is a pre-production environment for customers to be able to check-out new KWizCom apps’ versions before they are published to production (SharePoint online).

How app version upgrades work?

When a new KWizCom app minor version is published, customers are not required to reinstall the app. This is due to the way our apps are implemented: when a new version is published, the app pulls the new version’s files (javascript files) from KWizCom’ s azure site.
This should be done automatically, based on your browser cache settings within a couple of days. If you wish to ensure you are running the latest version you may do so by clearing your browser’s cache to make sure the app will pull its javascript files from KWizCom’ s server and not use its older cached version of these files.

So, how do you connect to the KWizCom fast-ring?

The KWizCom Hosts Switcher utility enables you to connect your desktop to KWizCom’s fast-ring environment.
The Hosts Switcher utility simply changes your local hosts file by creating a dns entry for which points to KWizCom’s fast-ring environment instead of its azure production environment. Of course, the utility allows you to switch back to the production environment.

To download and install the Hosts Switcher utility click here.

Working with the Hosts Switcher utility
After you install the Hosts Switcher utility, you’ll see this icon  in the windows task bar.

When you hover over it you’ll see a tooltip showing to which environment you are currently connected:

Right-clicking the  icon, will display the following options:

·         Profile – this option allows you to switch between KWizCom’s fast-ring and production environment.

·         Running Browsers – this option allows you to configure the behavior of open browsers when you switch between environments: close all browsers, prompt the user or do nothing.

When you’re connected to KWizCom’s fast-ring environment, you will always see a message saying you are connected to fast ring servers, regardless of your license.

After you switch between environments, it is important you make sure you browser’s cache is cleared, so the browser will get the KWizCom app’s files from KWizCom’s server (production or fast-ring), and not use it cached version.

This can be done by clearing the browser’s cache by using the browser’s “clear cache” menu and then closing all browser windows.
Another way to make sure your browser gets the most recent app files from KWizCom’s server and not from the cached versions is to browse the app’s settings page, then click F12 to open developer tools, for example in IE you’ll this window:


Under the “Network” tab click the “Always refresh from server” toggle button, and then press CTRL-R to refresh the page. This will make sure you get the latest app files from the server.


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