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KWizCom activation code renewal


KWizCom activation code renewal


KWizCom support services should be renewed annually.  It includes technical support services and upgrades for your KWizCom products.  Please contact KWizCom sales department at to renew your support services.

Your product support service expiration date can be found in the KWizCom product management list on your SharePoint’s central administration site.

Afterwards,click on the “manage license” link beside your product.  The support service expiration date is displayed in the license status field.

NOTE: You will need to update your existing activation code with a valid support service expiration date in order to upgrade your KWizCom product.  Otherwise you will get an product expiration message, prompting you to renew your support services.

Updating your existing KWizCom activation code with a valid support service date

1. Purchase your KWizCom product support service renewal

2. Follow the instructions in this article to get your activation code with valid support service date:

3. Go to KWizCom Product management List on your SharePoint’s Central administration site

4. Click on the “manage license” link beside your KWizCom product you wish to update

5. Enter your activation code in the field below “Activation code”.

6. Click on the “set new activation code” link  

7. Afterwards, your new activation code will be set and your license status field will be updated with a valid support service expiration date.


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