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This article will outline how to use KWizCom's activation form in order to activate your KWizCom product for on-premise SharePoint environments. 
(For instructions on how to activate KWizCom Apps which are also supported on SharePoint Online, please read our article KWizCom App and Tool activation tutorial)

What you will need

In order to activate your KWizCom product, you will need:

1.Your account “Account ID or Invoice Number”

2.Product code

Where do you get them?

1.Your “Account ID/Invoice Number” can be found in your invoice from KWizCom sales department or vendor (KWizCom partner) after your purchase.  If you did not get an invoice after purchase,you can contact KWizCom’s sales department at  Also you will get an automated Email confirmation with your “Account ID/Invoice Number”.
Ex: This is a screen shot of an KWizCom purchase order Email.  You can use either the Account ID or Order Number labeled below to get your activation code. (This is just an example screen shot.  You do not need to follow the steps in this screen shot for this activation tutorial)

2. For your SharePoint 2010 or 2013 environment, you can get your Farm product code from Central administration.

Please follow the KB article for instructions:

Please check the activation tutorial video for more detail: .

For your SharePoint 2007 environment, you can get your product code by following the instructions in this KB article: 

How to fill out the Activation form

     1.Once you have both your Account ID/Order number and Product code, go to KWizCom’s Activation form page here:

     2.Enter your  “Account ID/Invoice Number” in the Account ID/Invoice Number field, select your license type(production or development) and click the “Load product details” button

     3.Enter your product codes into the "product codes" field and click the "Update product details by product code" button.

     4.The “Requested Products” field will now display all your products and available licenses for them.  You can select the number of front-end-servers(WFEs) to apply your available licenses to.Ex: If you’re SharePoint Farm have 2 WFEs and 1 application server, you would select 2.

NOTE: If you are renewing your KWizCom license with updated support expired date, the "Available licenses" field will be 0 because all your active licenses are currently used.  However you just need to enter your existing product code and follow the rest of the steps below to get a new activation code with an updated support expiration date.

    5.After you have selected the number of servers, click the “Activate” button.  This will generate your activation codes in the “Activation codes” field.

    6.Copy this activation code and use it to activate your product. For more detail information on where to activate your product please read this KB article:

Additional help

If you were not able to activate your product using our web site please send your Account ID/Order number and Product code to and wewill provide an activation code back.


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