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iMush Printing Feature is not working

iMUSH Printing Feature



After clicking the “Print” option, a dialog window pops up and displays the selected printing options. However the options keep displaying "selected items to print" whether you selected a row or all current items.


Product & Version

iMush Printing Feature for SharePoint 2007: 1.x.xx and below

iMush Printing Feature for SharePoint 2010: 11.x.xx and below



1. Make sure iMUSH Print is activated within the site collection setting

2. Look for the PDF preview file which is stored in the temp folder located on your server 

   C:\ProgramFiles\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web ServerExtensions\[12],[14],[15]\LOGS\KWizCom_iMushFeature\

3. Click the Print options, if the preview window does not display the PDF file, check and make sure the permission to this folder is set to full control

4. Set up full control for the users/group in this folder :  C:\ProgramFiles\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web ServerExtensions\[12],[14],[15]\LOGS\KWizCom_iMushFeature\TempFiles


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