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401 "unauthorized error" message is displayed when adding OWA data source in Calendar Plus

Calendar Plus web part


Calendar Plus data retrieval service authenticates to OWA using the same user credentials that are used to log-in to the SharePoint server. This should work only if both the SharePoint server and the Exchange server are on the same windows domain (or exist on trusted domains). In any other configuration the SharePoint might have a problem impersonating as the current user and will not be able to retrieve the data for the view.


After typing the OWA URL and saving the Calendar Plus settings, OWA data is not displayed in the Calendar Plus web part, and an "unauthorized error" is displayed below the Calendar.


  1. Please ensure that the connection string to your OWA server is entered  in the correct format into the “OWA URL”  text box in the Calendar Plus web part settings under OWA section.
    Eg:  https://server/exchange
  2. If you wish to display data from a shared or public calendar, please enter the full URL in “Calendar name” text box in the Shared/Public Calendar section.
    Eg: https://server/public/public_calendar
  3. If you want every user to see shared and public calendars which you added using CalendarPlus settings, you can use Default credential option:
    1. Check “Use default credentials to load Shared and Public folders” checkbox. 
    2. Fill in the user credentials fields under the checkbox.
  4. For pesonal calendar user credentials use "CalendarPlus Login As..." dialog




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