App is not showing on list ribbon


I removed and reinstalled your app but i don't see app on list ribbon.


To fix this issue, you will need to follow the steps below. The below steps don't need to be applied to Apps Foundation.

  1. Remove the KWizCom app from site contents.
  2. Once the app is removed, re-add the app to the site.
  3. When the app is adding you will see two "ghost" versions of the app, one being added and the other being removed.
  4. Cancel the app that is being added to the site, and wait for the "ghost" version of the app to fully remove itself.


      5. Once the app is gone from Site Contents, add the app to the site one more time.
      6. You will only see one copy of the app within Site Contents, and once it has finished adding, the app icon will now be available within the list ribbon.