Enabling the Client Agent for Older MS Edge with Windows 10

Enabling the Client Agent for Older MS Edge with Windows 10

MS Windows 10 uses an isolation technology ("AppContainer") that may prevent requests being sent from Edge to the client agent. In some configuration it might be necessary to use Edge as the external browser with Windows 10 OS.

Please see the following options which will enable the Client Agent to work;


1. Please remove the SharePoint site from the trusted sites. With SharePoint online, it is recommended that https://*.sharepoint.com (https://*.yourdomain.com) be added to trusted sites.


If you removed this entry, the Client Agent will work as expected. For most users the entry will be; https://*.sharepoint.com . You should also remove the entry for the top level domain of the SharePoint site.


2. Another option to allow the Client Agent to work is to enable a lookback exemption for Edge. Please see the Instructions for enabling a loopback exemption below;





3.  Furthermore, you can enable the loopback utility available, that will allow to exempt Edge. Please see the utility on the link below;




Utility can be downloaded on the link below:


This will allow you to make the exemptions easily.