Installing KWizCom Apps

KWizCom Apps can be used on SharePoint Online as well as SharePoint 2016 and 2019 on-premise environments. Installation of our apps generally involves adding our app from the app store or adding it to your app catalog as well as adding ensuring that the prerequisite foundation apps (which contain resources common to all KWizCom products) have been added as well. Steps to get started with our products can be found below:

Installing KWizCom Apps on SharePoint Online 

1. Deploy the prerequisite KWizCom App Foundation and Modern Upgrade packages
2. Deploy KWizCom product app
     a. via the SharePoint Store
     b. manually through the app catalog
3. Add the app to your site

Installing KWizCom Apps for SharePoint On-Premise (SharePoint 2016/2019)

1. Make sure that your environment has been configured to be able to use apps.
2. Download the KWizCom App Foundation (full trust version)
3. Deploy the KWizCom App Foundation solution to your environment
4. Deploy the KWizCom product app to your app catalog
5. Add the app to your site