How do I apply custom CSS to my KWizCom Forms related products?


Is there a way for me to add custom CSS to the KWizCom Forms app, Repeating Rows app field type, or CascadingLookApp field type?


Yes. The CSS file responsible for styling any KWizCom Forms related products can be found in the Site Assets folder > kwizcom > APLFE > kwizcom.aplfe.controller.css on the site where you are using the KWizCom product(s).

Any changes you wish to make via CSS needs to be done to this file. You can do this by downloading the file, applying the desired CSS styles, then reuploading the file.

You can find the style that needs to be changed by opening up the dev tools (F12) while on a page where you are using a KWizCom product. From there you use the element selector to find the class that you wish to modify and add that class to the kwizcom.aple.controller.css file.


-To add borders to the repeating rows field type, on a page where you have the repeating rows present, press F12 to bring up the dev tools.
-Then use the element selector to pick one of the cells in order to show the class.
-You can test to see what the change will look like by typing your changes directly into the console

-To have the change take effect permanently copy and paste the code into the kwizcom.aple.controller.css file

.k-rrtable>tbody>tr>th, .k-rrtable>tbody>tr>td {
    padding: 8px;
    vertical-align: top;
    border: 1px solid;

‚Äč-Reload the page and the changes will take effect

If your changes are not taking affect after following the above steps, you may be using a master page and need to follow these additional steps:

Go to your site master page settings by going to Site Settings > Master Page (under the look and feel tab) or you can browse directly to that page by going to [your site]/_layouts/15/ChangeSiteMasterPage.aspx

From there, in the Alternate CSS URL settings, check the "Specify a CSS file to be used by this site and all sites that inherit from it:" option and reference the KWizCom.aplfe.controller.css file in the site assets folder.