My KWizCom app cannot display content from a site the current user does not have access to


I am using a KwizCom app to pull data from a remote location to which I have read only rights to but the content still not displayed. What are the minimum permissions needed for a KWizCom app to display the content from a remote location?

For example: The List View Plus app is not displaying content from a list located in a site that the currently logged in user only has limited rights to.


To enable and of the KWizCom apps to display content (list content, available lists/items from a remote site) while the current user has no access permissions to the site where that list is located you need to deactivate the "Limited-access user permission lockdown mode" site collection feature.

This can be done by going to site settings->site collection features->deactivate "Limited-access user permission lockdown mode" site collection feature:

After that, do a hard refresh on the page where you are using the app and the content should be displayed now.