Error when uploading an SPFx add-in to the app catalog


I get an error message when I try to upload a KWizCom SPFx add-in to the SharePoint Online app catalog. How do I resolve this?


Newer iterations of our SharePoint add-ins may be built using newer releases of the SharePoint Framework (SPFx). Some releases and features take time to reach all SharePoint online tenants and you may not be able to deploy an app until all of the features it relies on have been provisioned to your tenant.  You may want to change your tenant settings in order to receive these updates faster by following these steps:

Go to your tenant admin center:

Then go to settings > organization profile > then make sure that the release track under release preferences is "Targeted release for everyone". If it does not, click on the edit button to select the aforementioned option.

After making these changes, you will want to wait 1 hour in order for these changes to propogate.

To verify these updates have been provisioned correctly, please follow these steps:

Go to the SharePoint admin centre by going to admin > SharePoint

From there, click on apps > try the preview

Then click on API management

You need to refresh this page to make sure that it loads with no errors.