Cascading Lookup and Threshold error

Cascading Lookup and Threshold error



The following message is displayed on your Cascading lookup field type column:

“This is a lookup column that display data from another list or view that currently exceeds the List View Threshold defined by the administrator. For a possible workaround please visit this KB article”



The lookup query used by cascading lookup field type has exceeded the list threshold in SharePoint.  By default the threshold is 5000.


KWizCom recommends you first review SharePoint’s list threshold feature to understand the error and how to manage lists with a lot of items.

Only after you understand the benefits and risks to your SharePoint environment of managing the threshold limit, KWizCom recommends that you:

1.       Increase the threshold limit to allow the Cascading lookup to perform the lookup operation

2.       Index the column which Cascading field type is looking up to help improve the performance of a large list or library