How to aggregate conference room calendar events from Microsoft Office 365 Outlook?


This article outlines how to aggregate the conference room calendar events from Microsoft Office 365 Outlook

Product & Version

KWizCom Calendar Plus Standard Evaluation 4.x.xx for SharePoint 2007

KWizCom Calendar Plus Standard Evaluation 14.x.xx for SharePoint 2010


Pr-requisite: If you want to aggregate events from a conference room calendar, you have to share this calendar (Image 1) with the attendee user by sending them an Email invitation (Image 2) and they have to accept it (Image 3).

Example: The attendee user is Anthony and his email is

Image 1 - Share the Conference room calendar

Image 2 - Send the Email Invitation, make sure "All Information" is selected

Image 3 - Accept the invite

After completing the steps above, perform the following to configure KWizCom Calendar Plus web part

1. In the web part setting, click on "Outlook Web Access (OWA)" tab, Select Exchange Server Version as 2010

2. Copy the OWA Url and paste it into OWA Url field in the web part setting (Image Shown above) - The Correct OWA Url can be found in the Account -> Options -> Setting for POP, IMAP and SMTP Access after you have logged into your Microsoft Office 365 Outlook user account (See Image Below)


3. In the Calendar name field, enter the conference room Email and click "Add" button.

4. Afterwards, the calendar will be displayed in the list; Enter the Outlook user login information (ex: login for

5. To complete the configuration, click "Apply" to set the setting and "OK" to close the settings menu when finish. (See Image below)