Cascading Lookup Datasheet Compatibility Feature

File & Version

Name: KWizCom Cascading Datasheet Compatibility Feature.wsp

Version: 4.0.02 (SharePoint 2007), 14.0.02 (SharePoint 2010/2013)


A site collection feature that enables site administrators to configure the Cascading Lookup field to support editing in Datasheet view. Once the site collection feature is activated, site administrators can then configure the Cascading Lookup fields to support editing in Datasheet views. In that case, the Cascading Lookup field will be rendered as a regular out-of-the-box lookup field, and will be editable in the datasheet view.


  1. On your SharePoint server, extract the zip file
  2. Install and deploy the WSP file using stsadm/powershell
  3. Go to the site collection where you want to use it, and go to the Site Collection Features settings page.
  4. Activate the “KWizCom Cascading Lookup Datasheet Compatibility” feature.  


  1. Go to your list settings (a list where you have the cascading lookup field).
  2. Click the “KWizCom Cascading lookup datasheet compatibility” link.
  3. In the “Cascading Lookup Datasheet Compatibility Mode” page, Choose “Yes”  in the

    “Enable editing in Datasheet” field: 

  4. Now you can edit your list in datasheet, all cascading field columns will look like regular SharePoint Lookup fields.


When using this mode, you are losing several features of the Cascading Lookup (they will not work):

  • Cascading fields (field being filtered by another field)
  • Cascading Lookup Grid display
  • Reverse Lookup update


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