WSP installer Powershell script

File & Version

Name: SP-WSPsInstaller.ps1

Version: N/A


SP-WSPsInstaller PS script enables you to quickly install/upgrade KWizCom's .WSP solutions (SharePoint 2010).

Once the script runs, it performs the following:

  1. Identifies the solutions that you wish to deploy.
  2. Checks for each solution if there's an older version deployed in the solution store. If there is - it retracts and uninstalls it.
  3. Then, the new solution version is installed and deployed.
  4. If the solution store already includes the version that you wish to deploy, or a newer one, then the solution will not be installed and deployed.


How to run the script

  1. save the script along with the .WSP solutions that you wish to deploy, in a folder on your SharePoint server.
  2. Start Powershell and go that folder.
  3. In Powershell command window type:

  4. Wait for the script to finish, then browse your Farm solutions page in Central Admin to make sure all solutions were properly deployed.