KWizCom product activation tutorial for SharePoint 2007

After you have purchased your KWizCom add-on, you can activate your installed evaluation version.
Activating an installed evaluation version is done according to the following steps:

SharePoint 2007

  1. Make sure you have installed the product's latest evaluation version.
  2. Look at the Start->Programs menu for KWizCom-> [Product Name].
  3. Open the Activation Program where you will have your product code displayed (Product Code)
  4. Copy the Product code and fill out the product activation web form on our web site, and submit the form.  Instructions on how to use the Activation web form is outline in this article:
  5. Your activation code will be displayed on the form after you submitted all your information.  If you have any issues, please contact for assistance.
  6. To enter the activation key please log in to your SharePoint server, look at the Start->ALL Programs->Programs menu for KWizCom->Product Name.
  7. There you will find the Activation Program, where you should enter the activation code.

The activation key is good for the specific server on which you have installed the product; you cannot activate more than one product license with an activation key.

KWizCom product activation tutorial for SharePoint 2010/2013 
For activation instructions for KWizCom products on SharePoint 2010/2013, please read this KB article: 
Watch the following clip for a step-by-step activation guide of KWizCom add-ons on SharePoint 2010: