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Deploying the KWizCom App Foundation


About the KWizCom App Foundation 

The KWizCom Apps Foundation is a vendor-hosted app that contains resources common to all KWizCom apps and comes in 2 access levels - Tenant and Site Collection scoped.

Tenant scope – will allow you to add the app once for your entire tenant. This will require you to have tenant administrator privileges to add and trust the app. This is recommended if you intend to use your KWizCom apps on multiple site collections throughout your tenant.
Site collection app – will scope the foundation app a specific site collection (one or more). This will require you to be a site collection administrator on the site you are adding the app to. This is recommended when you either do not have tenant administrator permissions, or  only wish to grant KWizCom components access to specific site collections.

Deployment Steps

1. Download the app foundation package
2. Extract the contents of the zip file. There will be 3 files inside. You will only need two of them:
     a. Either OR
     b. kwizcom-modern-apps-upgrade.sppkg
3. Add one of the two .app files from step 2.a above and the kwizcom-modern-apps-upgrade.sppkg to your app catalog. Instructions on how to add files to your app catalog can be found here

4. Add the foundation app to any one site on your tenant/site collection. Doing so will create the trust for all other KWizCom apps to work. This only needs to be done once per tenant/site collection dependent on which version of the foundation you are using.

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