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How do I find a field's internal fieldname?



Many KWizCom products require that you use a field's internal field name rather than the name of the field that is displayed. In the case that the name a SharePoint list's field name has been changed, the internal field name will still remain the same.

Where can you find a field's internal field name?


To find a field's internal name, go to the list > then go to the list settings > and then the field settings. In the the URL bar at the end of the URL, you should see "Field=" and what follows will be the field's internal name.

 For example, if you see the following in the URL bar:

The internal field name would be "Sales"

In the case that there are special characters in the internal field name such as a space, the internal field name will encode the special characters. For example, if the URL shows:

The internal field name IS NOT going to be "Inspection%5fx0020%5fType" nor will it be "Inspection Type".

In this case the space has been encoded as "_x0020_". Because of the underscores, these have been changed in the URL to "%5F" as well. As such, the actual internal field name in the above example would be: Inspection_x0020_Type

As such, to get your internal field name, convert all instances of %5F to an underscore and copy and paste everything after the "Field=" to get the internal name.

If you have other special characters, please note that they will be converted to based on the chart below: 


Internal Hex Code



























































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