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Installing KWizCom Apps on SharePoint Online


To add a KWizCom App to your SharePoint site you need to install both:

KWizCom App

To add a KWizCom app to your SharePoint site you can so through the SharePoint Online store or manually deploying to your SharePoint app catalog:
NOTE: you cannot have the same app installed both from the SharePoint store and manually from the KWizCom app catalog at the same time within the same site collection. That would give an error during adding the app deployment.

SharePoint Online store

1.     Click on the gear icon to open site actions menu

2.     Click on "Add an app"

3.     In the Quick launch menu, click on the “SharePoint Store” link

4.     To find your KWizCom app, enter the app name in the search field in the upper right corner of the page and then click enter. Ex: KWizCom Forms

5.     Click on the app in the search results to open the app page

6.     Click on the “Add It” button on the app page

7.     Accept the app's permission request by clicking on the “Trust It” button

8.     Your KWizCom app is now installed on your SharePoint site

Manually deploying to your SharePoint app catalog

KWizCom provide standard .APP files which you would manually deploy to Office 365 like any other .APP file. These .APP files can be downloaded from the KWizCom web installer.

1.       Download and run the web installer

2.       Select the SharePoint App catalogue and then your desired KWizCom apps to download

3.       The .APP file will be download to your computer

4.       Afterwards you would follow the standard app deployment process for .APP files that Microsoft has outline if you choose to do this manually instead of going through the SharePoint Online store

KWizCom App Foundation

KWizCom Apps Foundation is a vendor-hosted app that provides services to all KWizCom apps to enhance their feature set. KWizCom Foundation app comes in 2 access levels:

Tenant app – will allow you to add the app once for your entire tenant. This will require a tenant administrator to add and trust the app. This is recommended when you anticipate to use KWizCom apps on many site collections and don’t want to add the app to each one.
Site collection app – will allow you to add the app to a specific site collection (one or more). This will require you to be a site collection administrator on the site you are adding the app to. This is recommended when you either do not have tenant administrator permissions, or only wish to gran KWizCom components access to specific site collections.

Note: If you an Office 365 Business Premium account, please read this article for more information about Where to find SharePoint App catalog.

1. Install KWizCom Apps Foundation

To install KWizCom Site Collection Apps Foundation:
Download this zip file, and unzip the app in your local machine.

To install KWizCom Tenant Apps Foundation:
Download this zip file, and unzip the app in your local machine.

2.Upload the app to your app catalog.  Please refer to this article about how to manage your app catalog

3. As tenant admin or Site collection admin(depending on the KWizCom foundation app type you choose in step 1), add the KWizCom App Foundation to the site collection you plan to use your KWizCom app.
Note: If you chose the KWizCom site collection foundation app, you will need to also add it to any other site collection you plan to use KWizCom app.

4.During this you will be asked to trust the app, please do.

5.That's it. From now on all KWizCom apps, no matter in which site they are installed, can use the KWizCom Apps Foundation's services.

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