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I have 1 license for my environment.  My environment has 2 web front ends.  We have selected the first WFE for the license and everything works fine.  We are using F5 load balancing.  Will users receive a web part error if they are served from the second WFE?


The license selection option included in the versions of the KwizCom Foundations component version 13.3.54 and up will allow you to choose which servers your licenses are applied to.  IF the user request goes to any other server that does not have a license, the users will receive a "license exceeded" error message rather than the KWizCom Tool.  If this issue occurs as a result of a load balanced server configuration, this is something that is not supported by KwizCom.  It is the responsibility of the farm administrator to ensure that either there are enough licenses or the load balancing is set up correctly so that users are directed to the licensed WFE.

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