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After the upgrade repeating rows field type, items appear broken in the list view

Repeating Rows Field Type



Repeating Rows Field Type
Version 12.2.03



“After the upgrade repeating rows items appear broken in the list view”

This text appears instead of the “view details…” link:

<ColumnData><SrcSiteURL>[current site]</SrcSiteURL><SrcList>Tasks</SrcList><RRColName>Related_x0020_Tasks</RRColName><Summary /><SourceItemGUID>ecbd0c3f-dcf3-4108-af02-b99f78ffa25e;bd17089a-2817-48ec-8f23-ea92ceca7451</SourceItemGUID></ColumnData>


Repeating rows version 12.2.03 and up have implemented a new way of storing data in order to support mobile device display and list history.


Run the “repeating rows update” tool on your server to update all existing content to the new version.

The tool will not modify the item’s editor name or modified date, and it will not create a new version.

For your convenience, if you use our web installer, this tool will execute automatically after the product is deployed.
The utility is also in the Repeating Row zip package on KWizCom's website here.  You can also download it separately from the download section here.


If you wish to revert back to an older version of repeating rows, run the tool again after you install the older version to revert changes to your data.


Additional Info:

1.       What if I don’t run the tool on my server?

a.       If you upgraded to newer version, you only need to edit column settings and save to apply the changes only to that specific list. Once you do that your items will be updated to newer data the next time a user edit the item.

b.      If you downgraded to previous version, your users will not be able to edit items that were updated until you run the tool. The data will not be lost, but users will see an empty column. Please note, if the user will try to save the item when this situation occurs the data that was there may be lost or corrupted.

2.       Can I run the tool from a client?

a.       No, the tool must run on one of the farm servers where the repeating rows DLLs were deployed to the GAC.

3.       Do I need to specify any information to the tool to learn if an upgrade or downgrade is needed?

a.       No, the tool is fully automated. It will check the current installed version and update the content to match that version.



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