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How to setup a managed property that is used populated by a crawled search property

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How to setup a managed property that is used populated by a crawled search property

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First make sure that the WikiPlus sites are actually being crawled/indexed. You can check that in central admin under application managementè manage service applications.


2.       Under manage service applications go to search service application

3.       On the left hand side you will see content sources.


4.       Click on content sources and make sure that the web applications that hosts the WikiPlus sites are actually set up to be crawled. Usually all sites are grouped under “Local SharePoint Sites”. You should see a list that includes the WikiPlus web applications


5.       If the WikiPlus web applications aren’t listed, add them. Next, perform a full crawl









6.       Once the crawl is done click on metadata properties on the left hand side

7.       Click on crawled properties

8.       Search for PageOwner. If the pageowner field isn’t being crawled then search still isn’t crawling/indexing the WikiPlus sites. If the WikiPlus sites are being indexed you will see this


9.       Clicking on the crawled property will show you where this property is being crawled from

10.       Now you should be able to find the wikifield. All you have to do is go back to the crawled properties and search for “wiki”. You should get a list like this





11.       Clicking on the wikifield crawled property should bring up a set of sample documents. If you don’t see any WikiPlus sites listed your WikiPlus sites aren’t being indexed

12.       Once you have the WikiPlus sites being properly indexed you can add the mapping directly from this page or create a new managed property and map it to the crawled property.

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