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How to fix the "Unsatisfied link error" in scanning feature?

iMUSH Scanning Feature


This article outlines the steps on how to fix the "Unsatisfied link error" in scanning feature.


The scanner could not be seen. it gives error "Unsatisfied link error" no aspriseJtwain in java.library.path 

Product & Version

iMush Scanning Feature for SharePoint 2007: 1.x.xx and below

iMush Scanning Feature for SharePoint 2010: 11.x.xx and below


1. Check the model of the scanner - you have to make sure it supports jtwain. We don't support any other protocols.

2.  If it does support jtwain - check java client permission, follow the steps listed below:

a) When you run it in the browser, there may be several prompts (See screenshot)

b) After that, you can check settings here in the system tray (See screenshot)

c) Open control panel, and check settings under Security and Advanced tabs.

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